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Artist statement

To look… to feel…
to manifest my love of Nature, its strength, its orgasmic energy, that gives birth to, and expresses itself in an infinite variation of shapes,
flowers, light of the skies...
I feel a source, a Life pulse, ceaselessly renewed, always present, in me, and in all things alive : I admire the fragile flower, so determined, that grows on concrete, in spite of everything...
My "finite" painting opens to the Infinite.
Where the figurative or abstract shapes, uncluttered or detailed, become movement, vibrations, emotions of joy, of peace…
Acrylic, watercolours, Indian or coloured inks, I have chosen techniques that are instantaneous, explosions of energy, that dry quickly, demand a steady rhythm, a subtle play between mastery and letting go, the intention and the surprise.
To grasp the essence of this Life pulse… ancestral and yet so contemporary... primal scream... vital breath.. I am dazzled by its beauty and harmony.
Explosion ot the sun set
Explosion of the bouquet
Explosion of the ocean
Explosion of the colours
I love the initial power of a "big bang" of lively colours.

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